Because you come before the dress, the shoes, the accessories…and, well, it’s not a look without your personal touch. With understated charm, S&A creations play up, not distract from, a woman’s individual style. Our hand-crafted pieces are made with the mantra, “Every detail counts,” leaving plenty of room for self-expression and customization. From a leather jacket to fur bolero, high-tops to pumps, updo to loose waves—go ahead and mix, match and mingle with any look!



Woven throughout our pieces: the fine details of timeless vintage motifs, with cues from iconic decades, updated with modern elements to suit the modern, fashion-forward bride.   



Meet the mother-daughter duo with a mission to provide each bride with elegant, romantic pieces to complement not just her look, but her unique style and brand of femininity. 

Growing up in her family-run textile business, Audrey is mindful of materials when it comes to design—to her, each texture offers a unique sensorial experience that can even influence emotion. So, of course, she believes in mindfulness of how wearable a piece can be on a big day, like, well, your wedding.

And then there’s Shirley. Thanks to corporate gigs at Chanel and Calvin Klein, she knows a thing or two about the art of simplicity—with her mother’s technical savvy, she brings her own fresh, youthful spin and trend-savvy eye to the S&A creative process.


Shirley & Audrey

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