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Cocktail Hour: Aperol Spritz

Weddings are such a momentous occasion in any couple’s life. Finalizing everything from the venue to transportation to the dress requires months of meticulous planning and preparation, so we love the idea of incorporating a signature wedding cocktail to add a personalization and levity, and well...BOOZE into the process! ;) You can use a signature cocktail to highlight a particular aspect of your wedding, like the color scheme or venue, or a part of your story, like honoring where you got engaged or where you first met. Plain and simple, who wouldn’t want to do a cocktail tasting in the midst of stressful planning?!

One cocktail that we think would be a great signature drink is the ‘of the moment’ Aperol Spritz - check below for the recipe! We think the combination of sweet and bitter and herbaceous and fruity tones would be perfect for an outdoor summer wedding or a couple with an affinity for all things Italia. Imagine serving your guests this refreshing bubbly drink on an outdoor terrace during an evening cocktail hour. Plus, how dreamy would the vibrant orange and pink hues of the drink be against a summer sunset?

What we love about embracing this signature cocktail trend is that if you pick a classic cocktail, like an Aperol Spritz, you can tailor it to fit your taste. Swap seltzer with a flavored soda water or garnish with a blood orange wedge instead of an orange slice or even add a sprig of rosemary for even more herbaceous depth. Best of all, once you’ve had a few spritzes, you’ll definitely be ready to hit the dance floor and really enjoy your reception!

Aperol Spritz:
Fill glass of choice with ice
Add 3 parts Prosecco
Add 2 parts Aperol
Add 1 part soda or seltzer water
Garnish with an orange slice or olive