Meet the Team: Shin


Role: Essentially, I do a bit of everything for Shirley & Audrey, but I mostly do a lot of design work. My job generally entails: designing (ranges from our pieces to packaging to lookbooks), maintaining the website, and shipping orders out to our lovely customers!

Where are you from: I grew up in Connecticut, but I was actually born in Seoul, South Korea. Then I went off to art college in Providence, RI for a bit and graduated from RISD in 2017. After traveling around for a bit and interning for a while in Korea, I came back home to Connecticut and started working for Shirley & Audrey (puttin’ my art degree to some use, yeah)!

Secret Talent: Coding! I’ve only recently gotten into it and been doing it for about 2 or 3 years now, so I’m still such a novice at it. To me, the idea of exploring what possibilities there are within the html/css coding structure is amazing. Coding is a little bit’s like putting a blindfold on and being given an object that seems unfamiliar in your hands, so you’re invited to explore it and attempt to figure out what it is actually. Until finally, you understand what that bit of coding means and you have that “Eureka!” moment! It can be a frustrating yet rewarding experience at the same time.

Favorite accessory: I’m obsessed with leather jackets! I’m not even kidding. I have at least 3 leather jackets in my closet right now: two of them are black (one’s more for fall/winter and the other’s spring/summer) and the third one’s a beautiful biker jacket that has a brown/beige color, which is perfect for fall! ❤ Why leather jackets, you ask? Well, to me, leather jackets have that cool vintage vibe and remind me of particular icons like, James Dean, Marlon Brando, Sandy from Grease, and so much more! Who wouldn’t want to look just as cool and chic like them, rocking a killer leather jacket?

Favorite destination: Hm, I have two top favorites that I can definitely say for sure. My first favorite is the Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon. I like to think that I thrive in warm weather areas, so I absolutely loved the desert! It was so refreshing in a way to see another kind of beauty in such blistering hot conditions. And lastly, Kyoto, Japan, which is famous for its gorgeous temples and the Imperial castles that still remain. I only visited for a day, but it was still enough for me to get an idea of how incredibly humbling it was, to stand in such sacred places. I know I want to go back and visit again!

Favorite Artist: Frida Kahlo, definitely. I’ve always been fascinated by her stories of struggle, pain, and emotion that’s conveyed through her vibrant artwork. I think it’s incredible that out of her pain, she was able to create art from it. In a way, she was using art to help face her demons, channeling all her feelings into every brush stroke that was applied onto the canvas. What I also like about Frida Kahlo is the fact that she wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. To me, I find that inspiring, as an artist, because it is so important to find your own voice in a world that is starting to become very loud and chaotic, with all this technology and social media.

Source: All personal photos by Shin

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