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Where are you from: I hail from the Sunshine State but made my way up to Washington, D.C. for university (where I met Shirley!). After college, I moved to Chicago to be with my now-husband. We lived there for four years, but we recently relocated to Seattle for his work, so I have basically spent the past ten years slowly making my way from the East Coast to the West Coast!

Favorite Accessory: Similar to Shirley, I adore my engagement ring. I happened to see this particular style while perusing some of the jewelry boutiques in Chicago and was immediately drawn to how delicate and feminine the vintage-inspired ring was -- a micropavé band, a slightly geometric halo, and a timeless round center stone. A few months after showing my husband this particular ring, he surprised me with a sweet proposal in my childhood home, which made me love my ring even more. It is a great reminder that you can know exactly what you want and who you want to do life with, even at such a young age.

Secret Talent: I can touch my nose with my tongue! It makes a great party trick.

Favorite Destination: I have two! The first is Ravello, Italy. My husband and I hiked all the way from Amalfi to Ravello and then back down while on our honeymoon. We spent the whole day laughing and talking while walking amongst the lemon groves and in and out of the towns along the way. And once we arrived in Ravello, the views were absolutely breathtaking! The greenery, cliffs, and bright blue water cannot be beat. I highly recommend hiking if you find yourself on the Amalfi Coast. The second is Nashville, TN. My husband and I frequently visited Nashville when we were living the Midwest and loved it so much that we got married there almost three years ago! We love how young the city has become and how amazing the food scene is now. Plus, you can’t beat some good, old-fashioned southern hospitality!

Describe Your Perfect Saturday: Ideally, I’d start my day with a piping hot latte, some soft scrambled eggs, and a buttery french baguette. After breakfast, I’d throw on a pair of jeans, a vintage tee, and my favorite Chloé ankle boots and head to the farmers market with my husband to buy baked goods - for bribing my nieces and nephew - and fresh fruits and vegetables. We would spend time with family for the rest of the afternoon before the two of us head out for a leisurely sushi dinner where we’d spend a majority of the night laughing at the weird things my nieces and nephew do and say. Bonus points if I get to dress up a bit in a cool suit or an Ulla Johnson dress!

Source (from L to R): Wedding photo by Rylee Hitchner; bouquet shot by M.K. Sadler; personal photo of Chicago by Anna; personal photo of Nashville by Anna; wedding jewelry photo by Rylee Hitchner; personal photo of Ravello by Anna; photo of Anna by M.K. Sadler; Ulla Johnson backstage via Ulla Johnson.

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