Meet the Team: Shirley


Role: Founder of Shirley & Audrey

Where are you from: After schooling in D.C. and working in NYC, I’m back in my home state of Connecticut!

Favorite accessory: My vintage engagement ring. It originates from France during the art deco era. My husband and I found it at Erica Weiner which is located in my favorite neighborhood of NYC, Nolita. I love the unique design of the setting, especially the “links” on either side which was believed to symbolize everlasting love. I’ve always loved anything vintage, from clothes, furniture, to jewelry. I’m drawn to the unique stories and fine craftsmanship that last through the decades. I’m constantly inspired by vintage designs which is reflected in our Shirley & Audrey pieces.

Secret talent: Fencing! I competed in the Junior Olympics when I was a teen.

Favorite destination: It’s a tie between Avignon, France and the Catskills in NY. Avignon is the most charming and beautiful place I’ve ever been. Just aimlessly strolling through the town was amazing because everywhere you look is a scene right out of a painting. It’s exactly how you would picture the countryside in France! And the Catskills is my favorite getaway for a long weekend. It’s where my husband successfully convinced me that camping can be fun. ;) It’s also where he proposed to me years later. I love hiking around and taking in all the natural beauty followed immediately by chowing down a hearty meal at the Phoenicia Diner!

Signature look: Having worked in the beauty industry prior to starting Shirley & Audrey, I have tried a lot. One that stands out is changing my hairstyle rather drastically every so often. From chopping my hair off countless times, to dying it blonde, to perming, I love trying it all! For better or worse. ;)

Style icon: I’ve always looked to women in the past for inspiration. There are so many women that I adore with varying styles through many decades, but what they all have in common is a way of how they carried themselves. When you see a woman feeling her best, she’s looking her best! It’s all about the attitude!

Source (from L to R): top row: personal photos by Shirley;
bottom row: personal photos by Shirley; Anna Meyer, Carmen Santorelli

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